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Grown Woman Real Talk!

We can’t afford to just shout you happy on Sunday and then send you home hurting.


Sunday morning is an amazing time for inspiration, revelation and motivation, but the pulpit hour does not give way to the intimate questions, concerns and challenges that women are experiencing.


Let’s talk REAL about the things you’re dealing with that being “saved” didn’t change.  You have learned the church jargon and the church shout, but you go home hurting!


It is unfortunate that women struggle to get along with women.  Grown Woman Real Talk, GWRT, will help us do better together by addressing things such as:

You need to know what do you do when…

You’re not really sure if you like yourself.

Your mate wants sex and you want sleep.

You’ve been hurt by church leadership.

You’ve been told pornography is the lesser of two evils.

You’re struggling with getting along with other women in the church and are comfortable with it.

You’re tired of waiting on…

You’re not sure if you like the Pastor.

Can’t find Mr. Right so you will settle for Mr. Anybody.

My mind is playing tricks on me – Depression vs. Demons


GWRT is presented as a safe way to ask your questions without being exposed, no one knows it’s you asking, but you. 


In every city I partner with area clergy or mentors to become catchers.  I promise we will open areas in your life and GWRT is committed to stand with you and do our best to catch you if you fall.



Bishop La’Tresa M. Jester

To book Bishop Jester please email 

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