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Let the Press Speak for You

Genesis 50:20 (NIV)

20 You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.

We have heard talk on social media, news reports, in living rooms and coffee break rooms about what has now been confirmed as plagiarism of the 2008 Michelle Obama speech. When the Trumps’ speech writer released her apology, she said this, “While working with Melania, she mentioned several people that inspired her and Michelle Obama is a person she has always liked.” Meredith, the speech writer, went on to say that after receiving these passages from Melania, she included them in a draft without first checking Michelle Obama’s speech. Let me say what I’ve said before, I’m not mad at Mrs. Trump because many of us have become where we are because we saw someone in a place we wanted to be and simply did what they did until we arrived. Imitation is the highest form of flattery. Folks are waiting for Mrs. Obama to respond. Listen, she might respond in the future, but for right now, what she said eight years ago is speaking loud and clear right now. You have to know that when you put something powerful in the atmosphere that it’s beneficial for all. All is all: those with you, those against you and those undercover! Might I suggest we follow the direction of the current First Lady of the United States of America and let your words continue to speak on your behalf!

Watch me switch, Joseph was in a great place and because of who he was, the bible said he was hated by his brothers. Some people will hate you not based on what you’ve done, but simply who you are. Grab this, often time people will attempt to devalue you opposed to enhancing themselves. Our text references the situation with Joseph’s brothers deciding to throw him in a pit which led to him being sold into slavery. Can I just encourage someone on today? What God has for you, God has for you, regardless of what others may do.

It’s hard sometimes, but can we, in the midst of everything going on, thank God for the pit! Thank God for using the things in our life that could have taken us out, those designed to work against, those with intentions to derail out destiny. God is STILL using it as a set up for our good! You are still standing or like in the case of Mrs. Obama, you are still occupying your place. Own this text! Joseph pressed his way from the pit to the palace. Follow the direction of this example! Tell every undercover imposter. Tell every principality, “I see you! You intended to harm me, but God intended it for my good!” He could have blocked it, but He knew the press would make me better. The press will add value to my story. The press will position me and strengthen me for better. The press will impress upon those who come behind me. Surely goodness and mercy will follow the press. Press and keep pressing! Tell somebody, “It’s working for my good!”

God, I thank You. The intended evil never outweighs the power of Your protection. Like Joseph, let our lives serve as vessels to save those we come into contact with. Bring the pit falls to pass. Use the pit falls as a turn-around, God! Use the pit for your glory, God! Thank You for the press. God, we declare that we as your sons and daughters will say what You say until we see what You said!

Remember to live your life without excuses!

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